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Clutch Service and Repair

No one enjoys having car trouble. Whether you’re looking for maintenance and upkeep or clutch repair, it’s always a good idea to look for certified technicians and dependable professionals to handle your clutch service. At AAMCO, we’re happy to serve Provo, Utah, with skilled technicians, who are proud to offer thorough checks and diagnostics, along with fast and effective repairs. When you’re having troubles with your vehicle, the best news is that you can get up and running quickly with minimal fuss or hassle. That’s easy to deliver if you have a team of expert repairmen who take pride in what they do.

Do you drive a manual transmission? AAMCO is proud to use our Transmission Initial Vehicle Check, which is designed to isolate the problem with your clutch. Once we find the problem, our qualified technicians can perform the following operations:

  • Removed your vehicle’s transmission.
  • Inspect the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, and related components.
  • Replace any required components to meet AAMCO’s exacting standards.
  • Reinstall the transmission.
  • Top off the transmission with fresh, clean fluid.
  • Perform a lift check to ensure proper clutch performance and adjustment.
  • A road test to ensure everything works as it should, allowing your vehicle to run for miles!

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