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Total Car Care Services

A well-maintained vehicle will not only extend the life of your car, it will enhance your enjoyment and satisfaction in driving. Driving is an exciting experience, after all, and it’s easy to forget the thrill of driving when car troubles pull you off the road and make demands on your wallet. Routine and affordable preventative maintenance can help keep your car driving smoothly and efficiently. That’s why AAMCO offers our total car care maintenance services.

Our highly-experienced technicians can perform any auto repair you need as well as address potential problems before they become more expensive issues. Our comprehensive preventative services will extend the life of your vehicle, improve mileage, and simply make driving enjoyable again.

Consult your Owner’s Manual for the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and visit or contact our shop in Provo, UT, for complete care. There is no need to go to the dealer. We are more than happy to perform all of your vehicle’s maintenance!



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